6 Benefits of Percussion Massage

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Something that you may have encountered as of late, particularly on social media, is a video trend that involves chiropractors and physiotherapists using what seems to be some kind of gun-like machine to pound the pain out of their patients.

Yes, while this may look like some kind of dangerous power tool, like a mix between a power drill and a jack hammer, it’s actually a very useful massage tool designed for deep tissue massages, what we know as the massage gun or the percussion massage gun.

Percussion massage, the practice of using fast and repeated impacts, has actually been around for quite some time, and indeed, it can provide your body with a plethora of benefits, especially if you are an athlete. Let’s discover the benefits of percussion massage.

Benefits of Percussion Massage

Fast Muscle Soreness Relief

Due to the fast and repeated impacts which percussion massage involves, it has the ability to loosen tight muscles, to get rid of muscle knots, and to lengthen muscle fibers too, resulting in both immediate and long-lasting pain relief.

Muscle soreness and tightness can happen from exercising too hard or from something like sitting at a desk with poor posture all day, and this can result in what we know as trigger points, problem areas that are sore and painful, sometimes chronically.

Percussion massage is one of the best known ways to decrease general muscle pain and soreness due to over-exercising, sitting all day, and from poor posture. It can be particularly effective for athletes who strain their bodies on a daily basis.

Deep Tissue Massage

One of the biggest benefits of percussion massages is that they allow for real deep tissue massages. What is meant here is that due to those heavy and repeated impacts from the massage gun, it has the ability to reach deep down into your muscle tissue.

Normal massages and vibration massages are great, but for the most part they just don’t reach deep down into the muscle tissue.

Therefore, massage guns are great for relieving pains and soreness associated with that deep tissue, not just on the overlaying surface layer.

Increased Blood Flow for Post-Workout Recovery

Yet another benefit of getting a percussion massage is that it can go a long way in increasing blood flow and oxygen circulation in the body, which is particularly beneficial for post-workout recovery.

The more blood flows to your muscles, the more minerals, proteins, and oxygen they get, which is ideal for fast recovery.

The more nutrients and oxygen your muscles get, the faster they can heal.

On that same note, percussion massage also helps with post-workout recovery because that increased blood flow also helps carry away lactic acid buildups much faster.

Lactic acid is what makes your muscles burn, so the faster this goes away, the sooner you can get back to working out. 

Benefits of Percussion Massage

Pain Relief from Common Conditions & Injury

There are many conditions that may arise in the body, particularly musculoskeletal conditions that are often caused by over-exercising, over-use of the muscles, or injuries.

It has been shown that percussion massage can be an effective treatment and pain relief option for people suffering from conditions such as tennis elbow, bicep tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, low back pain, and sciatica.

A combination of stretching out muscle and tendon fibers, as well as increasing blood flow, can allow for many of these conditions to heal, or at the very least, allows for pain relief.

In fact, when it comes to things like tennis and golf elbow, percussion massage is one of the most highly recommended treatments.  

On that same note, that increased blood flow and oxygen circulation can also help you recover much faster after injuries and surgery.

Percussion massagers can help increase nerve stimulation, they make muscles looser and more limber, they allow for a greater range of motion. and they help provide muscles with more blood, oxygen, and proteins, all things required to allow injured muscles to heal fast.

It Can Enhance Athletic Performance

It has also been shown that percussion massage, when used prior to physical activity, can help to increase performance.

Due to the fact that percussion massages help to loosen up the muscles, increase mobility, decrease pain, and also increase blood flow, they can help improve athletic performance.

It’s much easier to perform at high levels when your blood is already flowing and your muscles are already loose before you start.

Stress Relief & A Better Sleep

The other thing worth mentioning is that percussion massages can also just be a great way to relieve general stress.

When you are not in pain, you are also much less stressed out. Moreover, it has also been shown that percussion massage can help to encourage deep restorative sleep.


The bottom line is that if you are an athlete or just somebody who has lots of muscle pain, percussion massage could be exactly what you need to stop hurting and to get back to your old self!

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