Jacuzzi Clearlight Saunas: Sanctuary Collection Review – the 1 True Full Spectrum Sauna?

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Clearlight saunas reign dominant with regards to their sauna products, both their infrared saunas and their barrel saunas, for many reasons.

In this article we will be doing an in-depth look at their Sanctuary line that is offered in both indoor and outdoor models. Both of which are almost identical but have slight variation which we will go over.

The Sanctuary line utilizes full spectrum infrared heater technology. As we know by now, saunas provide a plethora of benefits to physical and mental health, and many avid sauna users, enthusiasts and experts favour infrared heat over traditional saunas.

Infrared vs Traditional Sauna

The main functional difference between traditional and infrared saunas/sauna heaters is that traditional saunas heat the ambient air (i.e. the whole space of the sauna), whereas infrared actually heats your body directly.

This means that it takes less energy to get your body to a desired temperature in an infrared sauna in comparison to a traditional.

Clearlight Saunas: Sanctuary Line Overview (Indoor & Outdoor)

It is staggering how many features that Jacuzzi manages to squeeze into their saunas; it is clear that they have put a lot of thought into the best features and most effective use of space while also managing to not sacrifice any points in the aesthetics department.

clearlight sauna by jacuzzi
Structural Aspects

As we discussed in our barrel sauna article, the type of wood used in manufacturing saunas is one of the most integral aspects to consider, if not the most.

When is comes to the best types of wood to build a sauna, we recommend to look for Cedar, Basswood or in certain cases Eucalyptus. This selection of wood is based one main criteria: thermal conductivity.

Soft wood is the more desirable category of wood when compared to hard wood due to its lower thermal conductivity. This means that soft woods readily absorb heat more efficiently and are less hot to the touch.

Since saunas can reach up to 200°F, it is important that the wood can remain at a comfortable temperature to touch and that you don’t burn yourself when you sit down.

This leads us to another benefit of soft wood. The high degree of heat absorption results in less expansion and contraction of the wood which decreases the likelihood of the wood warping, rotting and/or cracking.

Now what am I getting at here?

The indoor Sanctuary selection allows you to select between 2 different types of wood construction. What are the 2 different kinds? Red Canadian Cedar and Basswood, the 2 best materials for sauna construction.

This was an immediate green light when determining the quality of the Clearlight sauna products.

A lot of sauna manufacturing companies will cut corners and choose a cheaper wood, like pine, to help bring cost down and increase profit margins. Unfortunately it is the customer that ends up dealing with the issues of lower quality materials down the line, after they’ve spent thousands of dollars.

It’s clear that Jacuzzi is unwilling to sacrifice quality for a decrease in cost with their Clearlight saunas, which is a great indication of what you can expect to get out of their products.

Heating Mechanism

The Clearlight Sanctuary models are powered by far infrared heaters and their patented True Wave full spectrum heaters. This means that you will be getting every type of infrared wave length.

Currently there isn’t an abundance of research on the distinct benefits that full spectrum infrared has over far infrared but many conclude that full spectrum penetrates the deepest and provides you with the most intense heat.

Regardless of which side of the argument you’re on, it proves the extra mile that Jacuzzi goes with their Clearlight saunas.

Their True Wave heaters deliver 25x more power than the next leading infrared heater.

Yes, 25x.

Industry competitors provide 40 watt max heaters, whereas the True Wave packs a 500 watt punch.

Additional Features

Where to even begin with the extra features; they’ve really thought through everything.

There are certain features that are consistent throughout the whole lineup:

All Sanctuary models come with a built in smartphone charging station, as well as a bluetooth sound system.

Many people thoroughly enjoy saunas and can just bask in the heat uninterrupted, but another large portion of sauna connoisseur’s use it for the health benefits and at such an intense heat, time can move pretty slow in there. That being said, its great to be able to put on some music or a podcast to pass the time – similar to listening to music while you go for a run or workout.

To go along with the sound system, the door handles also double as a phone/tablet holder. It’s the little things.

All models are controlled with a digital keypad which controls temperature, time, lighting, heat intensity and reservation mode (which means you can pre-set the sauna).

All models also feature professionally designed ergonomic, adjustable furniture grade benches and backrests. This is typically a great sign of quality among saunas; most manufacturers just opt for a flat bench and flat backrest, but the extra effort put into providing a more comfortable experience for the patrons is a wonderful finishing touch.

Finally, all models are designed with LED lighting throughout, a glass roof and chromotherapy with 12 different color settings which combined create a very open and relaxing atmosphere.

Now there are a few models that have unique features:

The Retreat model is ADA compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act) meaning that it comes with a portable ramp for easy access into the sauna, the dimensions are slightly deeper allowing for a wheelchair and also has removable benches to allow for extra space. The control pad is also lowered to provide easy access from a seated position. Shall we say it again? — it’s the little things.

The Yoga model is similar to the Retreat in the sense that the benches can be removed to create extra space in the sauna so that users can perform yoga inside. They’ve also implemented a heated floor so as to maintain that heat throughout your yoga/sauna session.

Clearlight saunas really have it all.

Indoor Selection

There are 6 different indoor options:

Outdoor Selection

There are 2 different outdoor options. Each of the models are constructed almost identically to the indoor models which some thoughtful changes made to accomodate the elements.

This includes a specialized roof of which includes a Cedartec exterior finish.

This also includes a heated, no VOC vinyl floor, which is more resistant to moisture and other foreign material brought in from the outdoors.

The 5 person model even has a recliner bench inside, designed for optimal relaxation!

Anything Else?

I know, as if there could be more.

Well on top of their superior design, Jacuzzi also provides some additional perks.

This includes a limited lifetime warranty, something essentially no other company offers; thats how much they believe in their product. They estimate that their heaters have 30,000 of usable hours. This equals 125 years if used 5x per week.

This type of longevity is unheard of.


It is very evident that years of experience and extensive thought was put into these Clearlight saunas.

They are built with only the highest quality materials and include all the features and specs that a user could ask for in a sauna to deliver an optimal infrared sauna experience.

If you’re considering biting the bullet on an infrared sauna for your home, Clearlight Sanctuary must be a consideration.

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